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Viet Nam

Bio Statement Located on the road running horizontal social, back up center, Dong Giang district, hills of tea, this is the destination of many international tourists come here by Vietnam visa who travel on the road to explore the mountain forests West of Quang Nam, Vietnam. The car goes through many steep insurance provides the pass dangerous. The forests pristine headline both sides of the road. A green meadow is out with the hill tea only made of Ads.

Tea hills belong to Agricultural enterprises Decision Win. Between the sun, the harsh winds of the land, Square back have a tea hills in beautiful poetic to that. Far away from the tea as the green waves are undulating then again sagging down under each gust of wind. The trail, crept into the depths of seedbed tea guide steps you into the tea hills in this beautiful. The dew drops still standing on each leaf in clear sparkling title crystal.
Breaks a doll, tea non, sipping the tea like real people, but lingers on the tongue the ngòn sweet linger forever without end. The fresh air, and you suddenly find yourself drifting between the waves of tea, quiet, floating, how weary seems to be blown by the wind.
Not stretching to the baptist horizon as in the Northern mountainous province or Lam Dong, but tea hills in Dong Giang still soften the hearts of any traveler difficult.
Time bustle, especially when the sun is up high on the piece of the hill funny voices stir of people going sniper tea, visiting playfully running after each other between the bed tea. Sprawled on the carpet of fine grass between the immense amount of red tea, enjoy the breeze carried the enchanting scent of the tea leaves seep into every pore, dispel all sultry and fatigue.
Source: Du Lich

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