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Many times in the course of our lives, we have had to write essays, either at school, at university or even as professionals. An essay is about expressing our opinion on a specific topic, in which a coherent text must be developed, pleasant to read and with good content that supports our ideas. Best Assignment Help

Writing essays in English can be a bit difficult, since not being our mother tongue, we often have trouble getting the right words to express ourselves and even make a few spelling mistakes, but this is normal and with lots of practice every time It will be easier to write in English.


That is why we have made a list of the steps to follow when making an essay, and include some phrases and words that will help you to write it easily.


But first, what makes a good trial?

It should be aimed at persuading readers of an idea based on evidence.
You must answer a question.
It must have an argument.
He must present or discuss something, that is, he must develop a hypothesis through the reasoning of related ideas and evidence.
You must include relevant examples, that is, evidence that supports your research and information from academic texts or another reliable source.

Now that you have read the essentials of a good essay, here we leave you the steps to write one:


Begin this process looking for information related to the topic to be developed. You can do this online, in the academic database and in the library.


Make sure you identify the keywords you will focus on in developing the essay.



Your essay requires your own ideas, but many times we have so many that it is hard to define them. Making a scheme will help you to organize the structure of the work and thus your essay will have coherence.


To put together the scheme, you can ask yourself a few questions and answer them.





The hypothesis is your main idea, summarized in a concise sentence that lets readers know where the essay is going and why.

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